our roots

Ocean Beach Christian Fellowship started February, 2007.  This all began with years of prayer at Coastline Christian Fellowship in Olny, Oregon. At the same time that the leadership of CCF was praying, two families on the peninsula were also praying. These families had a desire for the vision they saw at CCF to be communicated on the peninsula. Simple teaching of the Word of God and a reliance on the Spirit of God.

After 2 years of prayer James and Tamara Aiken were sent to the peninsula to start a “beach head” Bible study. This idea was set in motion after someone shared a scripture with James; 1 Sam 14:6-14. We thought we’d start a Bible study for a few months. If people responded positively, we would stay. If not, no harm done, we’d just take that from the Lord and head home. We met Tuesday nights for Bible study and Sunday afternoon for a small group meeting of worship and communion.

We met in that house for almost a year to the day. After 9 months we had out grown the home and started to pray about a building. We looked for a few months. We even just drove around aimlessly looking for a vacant building. But in true awesome God form our Lord dropped a building into our laps when someone told us about 113 Oregon Ave. S. We went to the owners and God opened a door for us to rent the building. The building was a tanning salon before we moved in. Through the grace of God and many people willing to jump in and work hard we remodeled it and moved in. We had our first Sunday service in February of 2008

We began praying in 2010 about a new meeting place. Then in In February of 2012 we, again through God’s grace, were given a new meeting place. Through many God lead circumstances the members of Grace Family Fellowship gave their facility to Ocean Beach Christian Fellowship. We began meeting here in March of 2012. Through our years together God has kept us. Our desire here is not to build a big church, it’s to build big Christians. We invite you to take part in what our Lord Jesus is doing here, whether it be one Sunday or a life time, all are welcome.

Pastor James Aiken